Have you ever been taken? Ever get tired of people not believing your abduction stories? Want to hear about others who have been taken? Are you stoned right now and wondering if humanity will end at the stroke midnight on the year 2000? Curious about alien sex? Want to know how to get an alien to take you away from this dreadful place? Are Spice Girls extraterrestials? Will it ever take less than a half hour to get connected to the internet? We don't have the answers to all of these questions, But we have cool stuff to see and watch!! Did I mention that I am probing your brain as you read this?? Believe and countinue the ride! Magic mushrooms and sonic youth tunes would't hurt either...

UFO and the words I want to believe
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Alien shaking Hilters hand

This photograph was taken when Adolf Hitler allied with extraterrestrials to hash out a plan to destroy the earth by creating the ultimate anti-christ. This soul sucking figure will invade in the future and attempt to turn everyone into douchebags. CIA scientist beleive that this vile being will go by the name, Donald Trump.

See no evil aliens
See no evil aliens
Alien comic blah
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