My Super Ugly Webpage

Welcome to this amazingly terrible webpage! It captivates a lot of my popular interests within the 1990's...IT'S SO COLORFUL YOU MIGHT THROW UP!!

Click here to watch a short clip from "10 Things I Hate About You," one of my favorite late 90's movies which will be the best reciting of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 you will ever hear. I dig the white Rastafarians. "THAT'S RIGHT MON!"

So if you love this movie as much as I do then you will probably enjoy this scene from Bogey's party!

That must be Nigel with the brie :D

Take a look at this awesome photo of the members of Nsync posing in Lisa Frank shirts! It's very important to take the time to appreciate that most of them have frosted tips and it can't go unmentioned that JT's pants are intentionally undone. It's called fashion! Ever heard of it? . nsync in Lisa Frank shirts

Want more? Click first rule of fight club if you really want to see Brad Pitt and Edward Norton looking very confused in Lisa Frank apparel.

Okay if you want to leave then FINE! click GTFO and have a super great day! :3