Draco Malfoy

Welcome to my page!

All gryffindors are NOT allowed!

Especially you, Harry Potter

This page is for people who want to learn more about me, myself, and I. There is always another side to the story and for the most part, no one seems to care about the horrors I went through. Harry Pooper over here is always described as the hero that saves the day and gets all the praise while I’m over here looking like a coward. None of you will ever fully understand what I went through…but hopefully this will enlighten your mind a bit...

Don't mind me, but I want to point out that I look baddass in this picture!

I also need to point out that we got the best symbol for the Slytherin house; the Serpent!

Snakes are just great!

Except for the basilisk...that thing low-key scares me... but keep it hush hush though!