A picture of a serious man holding a rocket, except the man has a goofy dog face.

Proffesional Escape Artist

Have a room you can't get out of? Just call MacGyver! This young pup can escape from any cage, room, building, or compound! Using his vast technical skills of improvising and chewing, nothing can get in his way.

No challenge too hard!

Years of experience!

Even from a young age, this young rascal has hated confinement. He then learned he had amazing escape skills. Now nothing stands in his way! For years he has worked his way out any mess, using whatever materials he may find. Pens, paper, duct-tape, spare wood, pot holders, yesterday's homework, and many, many more household goods. Most of these items are simply eaten, but he has no discrimination and no hesitation to what he uses.

In a hurry? No problem! He's faster than anyone could imagine. You won't even see him do it! He will break out even under your very nose. His methods may seem crazy, maybe even impossible. Yet he will always, always find his way to freedom. Or at least out to the backyard.

Call now and receive a free introduction kit, including duct-tape, paper clips, and guild to what household items are safely edible.

Warning: Do not leave around important objects. They will be found and eaten during stress.