The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Awesome Vs Mario64: overrated jumpman


Mario 64 is about a plumber who never plumbs but gets to steal coins and jump on creatures.

Mario64 and The legend of Ocarina of Time, are the best games that came out during the 90s, but Zelda is way better, because I say so. Not only me, but IGN, Gamespot, and god agree with me. Yeah, you heard it, during my near-death experience caused by playing LOZ OFT 48 consecutie hours, god told me, he who plays Zelda is free of sin.

A picture
of some the amazing link

Deku zelda thrwoing seeds at your face

Ocarina of time

The omnipotent almighty game that pushed the envelope. Further games will have to creep unto the shallows of thine game. No one can mease with the greatest of them all. The legend of Zelda Ocairna of Time is a game ahead of its time. IGN calls it: 10, Masterpiece I call it,rapture. No one can get through the gargatuan influence of this game over all the games that came out later. The hedonistic pleasures that this game bring can almost replace the spiritual experience of having a paramour

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