Twine Workshop @ SDSU, March 3rd

On March 3rd, I’ll be leading a workshop on writing electronic literature (aka videogames) on the Twine platform. Like a lot of people, I find Twine incredibly exciting, mostly because it makes digital storytelling accessible to people who have traditionally been excluded from it — i.e., people without technical training, i.e., people other than privileged white males. Twine games have already attracted a lot of a attention and achieved a lot. (Let’s not forget that a Twine game started the GamerGate ball rolling.) I was amazed in my indie culture class last year that I was able to teach the basics (including how to use variables and basic programming) in about 15 minutes. A bunch of students who said they’d never even considered making a videogame or work of electronic fiction submitted incredible final projects built in Twine.

All of which is to say, if you’re around SDSU on March 3rd, please come to the session!